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White Pine Needle: Podcast Episode

In this podcast episode, we talked about a stately botanical that has been used since the middle ages - White Pine Needles. The indigenous people of America taught early American settlers how to use the needles, bark, and sap in a variety of ways for health purposes. Pine trees are a common tree native to the Northern hemisphere. There are many different varieties and are found in all different habitats. They can be foraged within a short distance of most people. Today we are celebrating the White Pine and the Needles this tree produces. Pine trees are distinguished from other conifers by their needles - the clusters are usually 1-6, most commonly 2-5 needles, and are long. They are treasured because they provide green needle health all through the 5-6 months of Northern Winters. Using them can be an excellent preventative health ritual in the dark of the year. If you are new to foraging, it is strongly recommended to get some help from someone who knows their stuff.

White pine needles are an excellent source of Vitamin C. They have been known for their expectorant and decongestant properties. There are so many ways to use Pine Needles and today we will be discussing some great ways to utilize the health benefits of this giving tree in the podcast episode.


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