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Program Fees and Expenses

The Traveling Elixir Fixer is ready to speak at your event

These programs can be tailored to individual needs and range from a 30-minute virtual session to 120 minutes for in-person sessions. They are ideal for libraries, retail stores, museums, schools, historical societies, bars, restaurants, distilleries, tasting rooms, farms, markets, foraging, homestead, and women’s groups.

Presentation costs
$100 - $150 (30-60 minute virtual presentations)
$250 per in-person program (speaking only)
$350 per in-person program (workshops, classes, speaking with tasting/samples)

Expense reimbursement
55 cents per mile, round trip from Kalamazoo, MI.


*Additional expenses, such as a meal per diem and/or accommodations, may be required for destinations more than 150 miles from Kalamazoo.

Equipment requirement
LCD projector
(Presentations are presented on Google Slides)


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