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Wildcraft cocktails, apothecary elixirs, medicinal mixology, agriculture alchemy, and a little kitchen witchery!

Here you will find recipes, history and folklore, herbalism, foraging, home alchemy tips and tricks to build and sharpen your home apothecary and mixing skills.


We can drink things that are delicious, that are good for us, and good for the wild world we live in. All it takes is the right proportions of culinary mixology, herbalist tradition, and your inner kitchen witch—that’s where I come in, The Traveling Elixir Fixer. 


Drink the Wild is a beautiful culmination of some of my best recipes from my career, as well as a few home favorites from my apothecary. 

The Authors

Angie Jackson

aka The "Traveling Elixir Fixer"


Angie began her career behind the bar in 1996. She is a graduate of the Academy of Spirits and Fine Service, BarSmarts Advanced Bar Education Program, and the Advanced Culinary Mixology Academy. 


In her 25 year career she has designed and executed award winning beverage programs for Chicago's top bars and restaurants, numerous Midwest distilleries, national distributors, as well as global brands and celebrities

Angie Jackson Traveling Elixir Fixer

Angie taught Culinary Mixology at Kendall College at National Louis University in Chicago before moving back to Michigan where she lives with her family in a magical urban cottage near the woods. 

Austin Wines

Austin is a writer, mixologist, forager, and digital designer from the sticks of Michigan. He is a graduate of Western Michigan University and lifelong student of the Traveling Elixir Fixer. 

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Drink the Wild:

Recipes from a Kitchen Witch
for the Spirited and Sober Soul

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