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Foraging and sourcing ingredients can be a difficult task! The virtual apothecary cabinet is filled with the majority of what you may need to craft the recipes shared at the Elixir House.




Crafting Spiced Elderberry Syrup? This is a  great place to  start gathering your ingredients!

Cardamom Pods.png

Cardamom Pods

Used in many of  my favorite elixir, tonic, and bitters recipes. I keep a full jar in my apothecary cabinet at all times.

Juniper Berries

The primary botanical in the Lilith elixir flavor profiles

Lilith Gin2.png


I use cinnamon for every season. Sweet, spicy, and bold.

Wix Website Photos (2).png
Cinchona Bark.png

Cinchona Bark

Quinine bittering agent to use when crafting tonic syrup conventrates

Gentian Root.png

Gentian Root

A botanical root used to craft bitters

Motherwort Tea

The "Mother" of all for calming teas and tinctures

Motherwort Tea.png

Stinging Nettle Tea

Your Bestie for Allergies

Stinging Nettle Tea.png
Star Anise.png

Star Anise

Used in the Elixir Bitters #2 and the Spiced Elderberry Syrup recipes

Dried Lemon Peels.png

Dried Lemon Peel

Dried and  ready for all your crafting needs

Dried Orange Peels.png

Whole Cloves

Used in many Drink the Wild recipes

Whole Cloves.png
Coriander Seeds.png

Coriander Seeds

One of the five botanicals used to create the Lilith elixir recipes

Dried Burdock Root.png

Burdock Root

So many uses! I keep a large jar around for many occasions.

Dried Lemongrass.png

Dried Lavender

Blueberry Lavender Syrup, tinctures and bitters. I like to source local but in off times, this is the next best thing

Dried Lavender.png
Dried Ginger Root.png
Roasted Barley Tea

Roasted Barley Tea

My favorite zero-proof nightcap. It is also a great alternative to spirited whiskey in zero-proof crafting.

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