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Doula Services

Sarah E. MacLean is a DONA-trained independent birth doula and is passionate about all things birth and babies. Sarah believes every birthing person deserves the support they need to feel educated and empowered during their pregnancy, labor, and after.


Birth Doula

$600-$900 · Duration varies
Support includes minimal 3 prenatal visits, companionship during labor and up to 3 postnatal visits. Message for more details.


Zulu Belly Binding

$30-$50 · Duration varies
Preserving the Zulu tradition of bringing a birthing body back to center with massage, stretching and wrapping of the belly. The experience is grounding, relaxing and feels so secure as your body is naturally returned to its core. This service should be done 24-48 hours after birth and the strap left on your body for up to 2 days after. Message for more details.

All Hands In


Coming Soon!

What People Say

Mandy C.

Sarah was my doula & was incredibly helpful during pregnancy, labor/delivery, & after! I know I would not have been able to make it through labor & delivery as smoothly as I did if I didn't have the assistance & support of a doula

Amy D.

Sarah MacLean was our incredible birth doula who helped us through giving birth in a leg cast. She was super patient and played Beatles songs for me the whole time on her phone! Then, she came over the night I had my ankle surgery and stayed awake so that we didn't have to get up in the night with Eli.

Aubrey H.
Ascension Borgess Hospital

Sarah was wonderful support & a very effective labor coach. She was very understanding of the tasks I had to perform and let me step in when necessary during the delivery.

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